iPhone 5

3 days from now, the new iPhone will be announced.
With all the leaks that are circulating, I think there are just some few and minor surprises left, unless those leaks are purposely planted by Apple just to cover up the real thing - which highly unlikely.

Are you buying one?


I cannot divulge more details about what I’m into lately as my work will not allow it. I can only provide here some useful public available links and possible historical timeline.

If you are interested, please find time to read the following:

Pudding to My Pie

With what's going lately with Apple and Samsung - interestingly, Samsung still remain as one of the trusted and dependable partner of Apple.

In the new retina iPad and upcoming 13" Retina MacBook Pro - Samsung is doing a great job.

Apple vs. Samsung and the Future

Samsung was found guilty of infringing on Apple's patent related to: multi-touch gestures, zooming, scroll back, something related to design and icons.

Samsung will pay 1.05 billion to Apple, less-than-half of what Apple asked ($2.5 billion to $2.75 billion).

With this verdict, I'm sure all Apple competitors (not only Samsung) will try to come up with something new that can differentiate from the iOS devices to avoid similar fate.


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